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Hello, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me fix a CSS problem I'm having on Mac IE 5.2 & 5.23. See the following URL:


It works just fine in Mozilla, Netscape, and Safari for Mac, as well as Mozilla, and IE for PC.

If you try it out in one of the working browsers you will see the blue Navigation menu in the right hand side of the title bar. A mouseover on the Navigate To opens up a CSS drop down menu with links. Works just as it should.

In the problem browser nothing shows up where the menu should be. It exists however and the links work because if you but your mouse where the menu should be the hand shows up.

I imagine it's some inheritance issue, but I'm unable to pinpoint a solution.

Thanks for imparting your wisdom!


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drop down menu and mac ie 5.2

Hi Jason

Afraid I can't help you...I am in the same position. Can you suggest a drop down menu that is compatible with mac ie 5.2? It's the only ~*!# browser that mine doesn't work in.