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Hi peeps how you all doin..

Well the topic says it all, I saw this guy's FS page and he completely turned FS profile page into some kind of bloggy page that looks freakin sic.

I noticed he is using layers on his page, how he also able to move his 'My photo' photo box to the right side of the page instead of placing it on the default left side.

My question is, well... how do you embed the layers into css [in friendster] and if possible, if someone knows how to move your photo to the right side of the page, please explain it to us.

That might be it for now.. Tx you all... =]

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Question about embedding <div> layers into css style s

These peeps are doin' just fine:

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Question about embedding <div> layers into css style s

1. They're not layers, they're 'divs'.

2. This is not a mobile phone, please try and talk using proper grammar and spelling.

3. "Sic" ? What the hell is sic?

To answer your question, you need to find the IDs or classes of the boxes you want to move, then either reorder them in the HTML, or change the position in the CSS file.

(yes, I am the grammar police. Thanks for asking)

Verschwindende wrote:
  • CSS doesn't make pies

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Question about embedding <div> layers into css style s

I would go and seek out one of the third party layout generators for this Myspace/friendster thingy.

Did you think to maybe ask that person how they achieved this? might get a better and quicker answer than here and is certainly what I would have thought of doing first and you never know they may well become one of your buddies Smile

This is something that it is not possible to help you with without knowing how the styles are laid out and we can't see them without logging in as a member and even then it's not a simple thing to achieve and requires some detailed knowledge of coding.


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