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how can i find the url of the picture that i want to make as a bckground,,,it's kinda confusing,,,! help because i can't see it by just a right click,,,! h0w,,,?! plz help,,,! it's just the background that i need to do,,,! :oops: Sad

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i don't know how to find my url,,,?!?!

I assume you have found a picture you want to use as your background?

A brief note - the person who owns the image will not like you usung their bandwidth.

For this reason, follow these steps:

1) Browse to the image.

2) Right click and select "Save image As..."

3) Save it on the desktop.

4) Go to www.imageshack.us

5) Upload the picture

6) They will give you the url of the image.

Any more help, post back here.

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