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Hello all.

I have a mockup I've been running through some tests here:

CSS file here:

XHTML validates as does the CSS (with the exception of a couple IE fixes and background-color warnings).

Tests out ok in Opera 8.5, IE 5.5 + 6, Firefox 1.0.x, NN 7.2+ on PC, and Safari 1.x+, Camino 1, and Mozilla 1.7+ on Mac.

Two (ok, three) primary issues:

-Been having a time trying to get the main content area (the bordered mainWrapper area with the bg fade at the top) and the rest of the page (footer) to scale vertically with content. I'm relying right now on fixed heights to force appropriate length which is no good at all. Tried a few of the common clearfix approaches but none seem to work thus far (or I'm not utilizing them correctly).

-Older versions of NN (7.1 and earlier) and older versions of Opera, are having problems, particularly with the right sidebar (flush floating to the left), and the location of the main content (shifted up). IE 5.2 Mac is also off a bit (surprise, surprise) with the right sidebar shifting too close to the main content and doesn't seem to respond to margin/padding adjustment. The main content is also shifted down a bit.

I realize I am relying on an absolute positioning layout (perhaps foolishly) but I experimented with a version without any of the absolute rules and IE choked on it. I'm assuming some combination of my floats and nested containment divs are throwing things off.

Any recommendations/suggestions? Perhaps I just need some fresh perspectives. All help is appreciated.