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Hello, I really like your site. Just noticed something with the CSS Menu generator that may be a issue.

The last few lines of CSS code for the Vertical Menu:

/* Win IE only \*/
* html #vertnav li{float:left;}
/* end holly hack */ 

This causes the menu to become a horizontal menu that floats at the top of IE browsers. I didn't notice at first because I use firefox, but noticed it testing my website in IE. I changed it too:

/* Win IE only \*/
* html #vertnav li{display:list-item;}
/* end holly hack */ 

This seems to work well for IE. I am very new too HTML and CSS even, so perhaps there is a reason for the float:left line that I am unaware of.


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problem with the CSS Vertical Multilevel Menu generator

Hi Leosoul,
Thanks for pointing it out.
I will have a look into it as soon as I have a chance.