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making this site, http://users.pandora.be/pluickx/hir2

and i have some problems (who doesn't?)

first one has to do with #hoofding
it's the blue bar under the img
in ie, u can see that left, there r 4px margin, but at the right u can see 6px
but in mozilla its 4px each side (wich it should be...)
now i know that this has to do with the border of the #container, 1px each side, cuz when i do 0px, it's correct in ie and moz...
how could i fix this??

second, when i use padding for the text in the boxes, in ie it does what u would expect, in moz, it adds just some box (box becomes wider and the text stays where it was)
again, take #hoofding, when u do some top or left padding, the box becomes higher/wider in moz


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margins & paddings -> crossbrowser problem


1) IE6 correctly renders the box model, IE5.n does not. The Voice Family hack also affects IE6, so in your CSS you have not passed over the correct width to IE6. Use the * HTML hack instead. http://css-discuss.incutio.com/?page=BoxModelHack

2) placement of this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> at the beginning of the document can place IE6 into quirky mode (IE5.n mode) but does not seem the case here, but for safety move it under you doc type.


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