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Karmøy, Norway
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Karmøy, Norway
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I've adopted a three-column css-layout I found on the web. It's not supposed to work in Netspace/IE 4 yet.

The link: http://home.no.net/zyphon/parabol/cssforumlayout.php

The problem with this layout is that the main content (middle column) is a part of the last (!) content-div on the page. This means that the first content-div is the left column (menu), the next content-div is the right column (another menu, I guess), and the last one contains the main content - which after all is the most important.

The problem with this structure is that the search engine-robots that goes through your page for relevant info loves to run into a page where the main content is displayed in the top of the code. Also, less code is better. Since my page contains about 50% less htmlcode than the same page written with tables, it's already a winner. But, the optimal thing for my page would be to make the main-content-div appear at the top.

If anyone is willing to take a look at my page in order to see if there's a possible solution to this? It's important to be listed high in search engines, and this trick would definitely help in order to achieve this.

I'm grateful for any help you can offer.

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Order of the div-tags

http//www.blakems.com !important;