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I'm trying to learn XHTML/CSS layout - I've designed sites for 5 years.


Have a few problems I can't figure out....

1. In IE Win/Mac there's a line (about 6px high from what I can tell) above the top navigation (gray boxes) - seemingly inside the <div id="menu">. Also shows as a space at bottom of <div> - expanding the height of the left graphic box (though the navigation and rollover work correctly) in Netscape 6 Win. Doesn't show at all in Safari or Netscape 6 & 7 on Mac.

2. Right column (where photo of man is) - two problems:
1. photo/div box doesn't align at top - adjacent to "copy" box and just below gray bar - in IE Win. Fine in IE Mac, Safari and all Netscape after 4.x. I'm guessing there's a hack I don't know about - any help?
2. 100% height to match left column (background color only blue for building - finaly color will be different than left column background). I have this problem in all browsers.

3. Last problem with bottom footer - extends into right column mentioned above. Thinking this could be fixed with right column height fix, but want to be sure. Alignment with overall design is the issue.

Thank you for any help you can give. I'm really wanting to build sites with web standards. Thanks again.