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hello. please take a look at this. i have most of it pretty much covered already, i think, but i need advice (cause i've never done it before, but i know it can be done) on how to use the YaBB stylesheet for the forum itself, but i need to use my stylesheet so it stays w/in my page layout as i have it.

this is just a quick thing cause my partner is relentless when it comes to "man, get that up there already!". i realize i need to tweak certain things. i didn't know how to handle the header image from the other pages on the forum page, so i thought it best to remove that part altogether. style advice on that?

oh, for those of you who have seen this before, you'll notice that i've re-styled the site. that's me as Garfunkel. hee hee.
kk5st, if you're out there. i'd like to hear what you have to say about that. am i askin' for trouble using that pic? it's really tongue-in-cheek, and i think that would be obvious, and not meant to harm. i'd just like your general opinion as well cause you offered such great input last time regarding the whole "sell the group" bit.