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After reading zeldman.com this evening I downloaded Font Explorer X.

I had been having problems with my Mac stalling and hiccoughing and spinning it's little "wait for it" icon every time a web page would load or I'd select my Bookmarks menu (among other things.

I had Font Explorer X manage my fonts and remove many from my font folder and my system is quick and snappy again all the while the fonts are available via the new app whenever I need them. Smile

Ah, joy. Now I know too many fonts can slow your system in a major way.

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Ah, fresh start.

It always was a bad idea on Windows systems to have too many fonts installed they all have to be read into memory at boot up and have a very detrimental effect on system resources I think there was a limit of around 400 before the system would start groaning. At one time ages ago I had close to 1000 before I realised what an effect it had.

Font management programs are a good idea.


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