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Hello. I recently posted something in the site checks category regarding Opera, IE and Firefox on a page that i updated in a site designed by someone else.

just out of curiousity, i wanted to see what he's into these days. having worked on 2 of his websites, and seen his stylesheets, etc. i couldn't help but wonder. i can't believe i never checked him out before. all i can say is WOW! i think he's really got some talent, and have obviously grown since the days when he designed the sites i've played with.

take a look at his portfolio. what do you think? i had no idea he was such a dominating force in my local area. the place that we usually hear about around here (which i actually applied for a postion there a few weeks ago, but they were looking for advanced PHP, which i am not... yet) is called Lazerpro, but i think he blows them out of the water! geez, and i'm still fumbling w/ floats, and generated layouts!
(...jaw hangs)

no, i really shouldn't have such a "defeatist" attitude about it. i suppose the best thing to do is NOT look at stuff like that, and just keep on my own steady path. it will come if and when it comes. and there's no way around that. i must focus on the step by step, remain consistent, and.... take a deep breath!

no, i SHOULD look at stuff like that more often-- that's where learning takes place!

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a local benchmark

He's done some nice work but a couple of things I'd nitpick about his site is, I can't see the need to open another window for his portfolio. Why not display the content within his main site? Also, when in the portfolio, you click on 'web' for example, then have to click again to actually get to the samples. Also seems a bit odd that he doesn't provide any URLs to his work.

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a local benchmark

He's a very good graphic designer, but I wouldn't want him to code anything for me. The page you linked to has neither structural nor semantic markup. Open it in Lynx to see what he coded. Or simply disable images, styles, and javascript.

Fall in love with the design, but don't look to the source for inspiration.



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a local benchmark

I have to agree with Gary look at the code it's non too impressive and contains many fundamental E&O.

We are all too easily seduced by visuals sadly, it's why the first thing I always want to do is view pages sans styling. I like markup and structure.


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a local benchmark

I totally agree that the site is a very poor example of current best practice, but in the creator's defence, it may have been designed a while ago, before all the issues that we love so much on this forum became issues. My own website, for example, would make you cry with its inefficient CSS styling, table-based layout and non-semantic mark-up but I designed it over five years ago and like the builder with a dilapidated wall in front of his house, I am only now finding the time to replace it ( I'm nearly there Hugo Wink ).

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CSS and the demands of life :)

Hi Guys; found the site through my logs. Thanks to Jeff and others who have commented positively on the, ah, design aspects of my site. As regards the css and code, no it's not Semantic Perfect(tm) and the CSS isn't as clean as it "should" be, but the site was designed in two days in preparation for an interview, and corners had to be cut. Sometimes those sorts of things happen. I'm sure I'll get back to it some time, but by then I'll want to redesign it anyway Smile

As for being a dominating force in the local web scene, Jeff may be a little generous there. But I appreciate the thought.

And providing links to websites is tricky, because web designs expire rather quickly. At least two sites in my portfolio have since been redesigned by others, and it would be confusing to link to something that looked different.

I enjoyed the thread; thanks to the folks who kindly visited.


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