Hi, Here I gave some code I did that is running BUT I imaginated it and I believe this solution is not very practical to use. MY PURPOSE IS TO GENERATE DYNAMIC CSS. I have used media query in the begining but I cannont size for every screen so many they become now a days. [code] @media screen and (max-width: 485px) { body { text-align:center; font:0.9em "trebuchet ms", helvetica, arial, sans-serif; background-color:blue; word-wrap: break-word; } .mytable { width:400px; } } [/code] so I created a JQUERY script to detect the size odf the screen and change CSS properties [code] $(document).ready( function() { var str=parseInt($(window).width())-parseInt(100); $(".mytable").css("width", str ); }); $( window ).resize(function() { var str=parseInt($(window).width())-parseInt(100); $(".mytable").css("width", str ); }); [/code] Personnaly I doubt this solution is the best one and I have a lot of CSS in my website that insist on picture digital art sizing I imagine not so much to encode dynamic JQUERY CSS for every element. I have heard of less-css a little but haven't managed to make it work. Can some one tell me the best practice and were I can find links that are OK to implement a solution not too much difficult ( ex php not python and yalm...) Thanks a lot Best reagards David [code] HOW to do CSS adapting to smartphone browser ... my message:
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