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Help putting my CSS code on Soundclick

I made a photoshop design for my soundclick page and I have the css code for it. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about css. I pasted my css code into soundclick's css box, but it doesn't work. If anyone reads this, please comment or email

. Thanks!

Hi rekardo, Please repost

Hi rekardo,

Please re-post your question to the "Beginners CSS questions" sub-forum. This is a blog post, and not really the best place to draw attention to your problem or to get answers. You will get better answers if you read and follow the how-to posts at the top of each forum.



This is the second time a

This is the second time a question has been asked on this blog post. I commented, as above, first time around and removed the post after a period of time - same action applies, the three comments will be removed after a while.