The server has been taking a hit, since the upgrade. This is an unfortunate side effect of major site upgrades. All the site content has changed so needs to be re-indexed by search engines as well as the Drupal processes of indexing content for internal search etc. Currently 30% of the content has been indexed the rest is processed in small lots every hour on the hour.

Over the next couple of days things should sort themselves out. Members who have been around for other major upgrades will remembers similar issues. I remember writing a script that showed what search engines were currently indexing the site, unfortunately that was lost long ago. I think I turned it off because it added to the server load.

All in all I'm quite happy with the upgrade, there are still things to sort out, you will see changes every now and then. Feel free to keep offering suggestions and improvements.

Please be patient, if you can't get to the site wait a while and try again a little latter.

I like a lot of what's going

I like a lot of what's going on... but still think the layout should be fluid so it will be wider on wide screens...

it's an option I am considering

Hi Deuce,
Originally I was going to keep it the same as the old design and may still do something similar.