Many of you donated generously to the One Laptop Foundation earlier this year, and together we purchased a couple of laptops for disadvantaged children. You may have been wondering why the donate add didn't reappear after the site upgrade. You can now donate any amount directly from the OLPC website. I'm not really sure if legally we should be collecting donations on behalf of another organization now that they accept smaller donations. We really didn't raise as much as I was hoping for.

I will be putting an ad back on the site that links to the OLPC donation page as I still believe education will play a major role in improving lives.
I hope those of you in a position to donate will do so, for others you can find other ways to participate such as provide technical support or develop software.

Last week I attended the Open Source Developers Conference here in Brisbane. I was pleased to notice a couple of XO laptops amongst the attendees. Speaking with one of the XO owners Steve, I mentioned how we had raised some money at CSS Creator and that I was interested helping out with application development, although I would need to get up to speed with Python the main development language for Sugar. Steve then mentioned he had a couple of spare XO laptops and had been trying to get a group of developers together.

I was very surprised when in the closing minutes of the conference he handed me a laptop and said here, have this one. So now I am the proud owner of an XO laptop, thanks Steve, I hope to do some development and testing of Sugar when I can get it away from my daughter.


by the way, congratulation for your new XO laptop... Tongue
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