This morning I upgraded MySQL on the server, unfortunately during the process some tables belonging to this site and a couple of others on the server became corrupt. After many attempts to repair the corrupt tables I eventually gave in and resorted to restoring form yesterday's backup. The good news is the site is back up. The bad news is we lost close to a day of topics, replies and registrations. I'd like to apologize to everyone, especially anyone who posted a topic hoping for help during the missing period. Thanks for your patience while the site was responding to everything with a 404 page not found error.
I am extremely relieved that the site is back up and must thank Will from Liquid Web for his help in applying the backups. If I had any hair I would still be pulling it out trying to recover the lost content. This is a day I will be happy to forget and I may have a few after dinner beers to help that process. once things have settled down I will optimize the tables that had issues in a hope that it will prevent them from happening again.

Sympathies - upgrades,

Sympathies - upgrades, issues, stress, I'm too nervous to do things like DB upgrades especially where one has had to hack things like PHP around to get something greater than 5.1 on centOS and noy trusting to dependencies acting correctly.

Darn. I got my first "best

Darn. I got my first "best reply" points in a long time. Tongue

Well, V, don't get any more.

Well, V, don't get any more. You see what it caused.



What V crashed the forum!

What V crashed the forum! Shock shame on you.

Ah, spit! May as well blame

Ah, spit! May as well blame me. Big smile

@Tony: Is there any way to

@Tony: Is there any way to add a visible notice to each of the sub-forums requesting folks who lost their post to repost the problem? I'm pretty sure I answered some questions that no longer exist and the OPs' reposting should bring rapid responses from everyone who had already helped.



We could put a sticky post at

We could put a sticky post at the top of each forum, I can't think of any other method right now.

I think anyone who didn't find a solution will either work out what happened by reading this or use the contact form to find their missing post.

Attention KMart shoppers

I was thinking in terms of something added to the top level page of forum like this:

<div id="page-title">#CSSCreator .com { <h1 class="title">recent posts</h1>; }
  <p id="notice" 
     style="color:red;">Attention Please! Read the <a href="&path_to_post">"Lost a day"</a> thread</p> 



Ok I have added it to all

Ok I have added it to all forum pages and will leave it there for a few days.