I can't believe the forum is now 9 years old. That must be like 100 in web years. The site is actually a few months older then the forum and started as way to display a tool I called the CSS Creator which allowed you to make style changes to live sites. Here's a link to the wayback machine from December 2002, and the CSS Generator as it is today.

Thanks to all who help make this a great place to solve CSS issues and browser issues.
Special thanks must go to the moderators, Hugo, Gary Turner, Tyssen and Chris..S who have helped thousands of people and kept the forums running as smoothly as possible. They all have extensive CSS knowledge and can smell spam at 100 yards. Many other users have given countless hours of help to others such as thepineapplehead, Verschwindende, Duece, CupidsToejam, wolfcry911 just a few of the over 70,000 members, sorry I can't name you all. It's also great to see new and enthusiastic members who share there knowledge and ideas. Helping others is a great way to increase your own skill and ability.

We have seen a lot of changes in our industry and are at a very exciting time now, with the explosion of handheld devices, HTML5 and CSS3.
Here are a few tips to help keep things simple and future proof your sites:

  • Don't use a technique just because it is the latest thing, make sure it is the right tool for the job and has been well tested and is likely to be around and supported by browsers next week.
  • Always keep bandwidth in mind, specially when thinking of handheld devices.
  • Consider how the site will be used by different types of users and with different devices.
  • Test in multiple devices and browsers.
  • Validation is still a great way to detect and fix problems.

I'd love to here your suggestions for making future proof sites.

All one can is time flies

All one can is time flies when having fun. Next it's the 10th anniversary, now that must be like a millennium in web years, we'll have to organise a virtual party.

Hard to believe, isn't it? It

Hard to believe, isn't it? It doesn't seem that long at all.

Way to go, Tony, creating such a useful forum.





Hi there everybody! I would like congratulate you by the great job done over these years! Smile