The :target pseudo class allows us to select an element on the page that has been targeted in the URL.
The element can be any element with an id: <div id="preview"> or name anchor like: or <a name="preview" ></a> and should be unique on the page.
The target of a url is the part after the '#' symbol eg. 'preview' in this url: http://csscreator.com/content/target#preview
Loading a page with an anchor takes you to that part of the page.


E:not(simple selector) an element E that does not match simple selectors

See also:


UI element states pseudo-classes, E:disabled a user interface element E which is disabled (for instance a radio-button or checkbox)


Selects an element that is enabled, like the form elements.

See also: :disabled


Selects an element such as a checkbox or radio that has been checked.

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