Sets the type of position an element can have.
Static is an unpositioned element that goes with the normal document flow.
Relative is positioned relative to where in the flow it should be.
Absolute is positioned from the closest positioned container.
Fixed is fixed in position on the page, other content should scroll while it sits still. Fixed is not currently supported by IE.

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Also (min-height), sets the maximum/minimum height of an element. Overflow should be specified when using max-height with content likely exceed the set value.


Also (min-width), sets the maximum/minimum width of an element.


Sets how a browser should display content that exceeds it's set size.
Value of auto and browsers make scrollbars avalable when needed.
Hidden content exceeding the size is clipped.
Scroll will generate scrollbars.
Visible and content should be visible outside the container.


Sets the position of the left edge of a positioned element. When the element is positioned absolute the left edge is positioned from the edge of a previous positioned element or the body. Relatively positioned elements are positioned from the position where they would have been in the documents normal flow.

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