Text-overflow effects inline content when it overflows it's block container. Overflow can only occur if the block container has an overflow value of something other then visible and when white-space is set to no-wrap.

ellipsis: Renders an ellipsis character (U+2026) or three dots "..." to represent clipped inline content.

clip: Clips inline content that overflows, any extra characters will not be visible. Characters may be only partially rendered.


A text-shadow is specified by suppling a horizontal length a vertical length a blur radius and color. The horizontal length specifies the X coordinate to place the shadow, positive values position the shadow to the right, negative to the left of the text. The vertical length specifies the Y coordinate with positive values placing the shadow below the text and negative above. The blur radius specifies how far to stretch the shadow, causes a blur effect and defaults to 0 if left out.

Multiple comma separated shadows can be applied with layered front to back, first shadow on top.


Sets the capitalization of an elements text. Values of lowercase and uppercase transform all characters to upper or lower case, capitalize changes the first character of each word to uppercase.

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Sets the size of the space between words.


Sets how white space, such as carrage returns and extra space is rendered by the browser. Normally in HTML white space is ignored. Setting the white-space attribute to pre is like wrapping a pre tag around it. Browsers ignor line breaks when white-space is set to nowrap and only break the line when a line break tag <br /> is set in the HTML

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