Browsers - the bain of our lives?

So Chrome 3 is in Beta, wonderful, and how RAD of them!

They are reported to be making a concerted effort to support HTML5; is this a good thing?

Am I suddenly to start making use of HTML5 seeing as how one browser out of many will support my efforts?

Of Tag Soup and Standards

I wonder and muse on whether, in reality, It was wise to give browsers the ability to render markup using the 'Tag Soup' rendering engine? or at least such a good ability.

Of course we know that without it more than half the web would vanish overnight, but I am constantly staggered by quite how effective it is at rendering code that is so completely wrong, code that you just stare at and honestly question how or why it has any right being parsed.

I further muse whether it may have been somehow! better to have had a mechanism by which if one wanted to make use of the power and flexibility and benefits derived from Standards and CSS that perhaps this should perhaps have been a function provided through the strict use of 'Strict DTD's only and that in using these the Tag Soup engine would be asked to be far less lenient with code parsing and rendering, thus clearly de-marking a line between good code and bad; I know that true XHTML provides for this and also that the XMl parser has been criticized for being far too strict and non fault tolerant, but I can only see that as a good thing , it says you Must write proper code or else we will return a page list of your errors, not that great a hardship or impossible goal to reach.

Previewing Posts before submitting

It's more than ever important that posters check their posts before submitting as the new format allows for far more use of HTML tags in posts by default.

If you wish to show code in your post:
BB code tags must be used, whereas before it was just an inconvenience not using them now means that your code will parsed and rendered as html code so an ul list will render as:

  • li item

  • li item

  • li item

  • li item

Rather than:

<li>li item</li>
<li>li item</li>
<li>li item</li>
<li>li item</li>

Which uses the BB [code] html code here[/code] to open and close the code block.

A new site look, and my first blog entry

An entry more to gain a feel for the new site and it's features, than to say anything of consequence.

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