Browsers - the bain of our lives?

So Chrome 3 is in Beta, wonderful, and how RAD of them!

They are reported to be making a concerted effort to support HTML5; is this a good thing?

Am I suddenly to start making use of HTML5 seeing as how one browser out of many will support my efforts?

An update on enclosing floats

I got to thinking about inline-block and inline-table and whether their creating a new block formatting context meant that float descendents were enclosed. The obvious next step was to set up a test case or two. Lo and behold, it does.

I have updated my Enclosing float elements demo/tutorial to reflect these findings.



David Baron explains why xhtml2 died

David Baron recently blogged on his impression of why xhtml2 died. It's not a pretty thing.



Playing with CSS3

CSS3 offers some serious opportunities for mis-use with the transform and transition properties. Likewise, there are serious opportunities for really visually cool renderings.

As far as I can tell, only Firefox3.1+ (v3.5b) (Gecko 1.9.1b4) and Safari4b support the transforms, and only Safari4b supports transitions. Both browsers use proprietary prefixes for the draft properties; -moz- and -webkit-.

Programming images on the fly

I've had a little project on the back burner for quite a while. It's really for my design associate, so it's not something I really know much about; graphics. The ultimate goal is to take a bit of text, and turn it into a tricked up, glowing, lined, and drop shadowed image with an alpha channel. For getting my feet wet, I'll settle for making an image of the font's name, in that font face.

Now any of you graphic whiz-bangs can open up Photoshop or the GIMP, and go to town. The issue is, how do you automate it?

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