Clearfix and Browser support

When I first wrote about what's known as the Clearfix technique in 2004, I knew it was going to be useful. It was to solve a problem that previously required us to add extra markup to the page. I had no idea it would still be used in one of it's many forms in most CMS and a large percentage of all websites 8 years later.

Browsers have come a long way since then, most of the browser versions we had to support are not even thought of these days.

Debugging CSS problems

Use a valid doctype and validate your markup and styles.
This will help you find out if something as simple as a typo or an unclosed element is causing the problem.

Test in other browsers
Browsers have different base styles and varying support for CSS properties. Knowing in which browsers the problem occurs, make it easier to find a solution. Your problem may be a browser not implementing a CSS property.


Happy Birthday to us

I can't believe the forum is now 9 years old. That must be like 100 in web years. The site is actually a few months older then the forum and started as way to display a tool I called the CSS Creator which allowed you to make style changes to live sites. Here's a link to the wayback machine from December 2002, and the CSS Generator as it is today.

Thanks to all who help make this a great place to solve CSS issues and browser issues.

Welcome to CSS Creator.

If your new to CSS We hope you find the community helpful.
You can start by registering an account.
Feel free to browse around, or use the search field to find what you are after.

How best to ask for help or advice.

  • Start by searching for similar topics that have been previously discussed.
  • If your question has not been asked before create your own topic.
  • Provide thorough detail of the issue and link to an example if possible.

Lost a day

This morning I upgraded MySQL on the server, unfortunately during the process some tables belonging to this site and a couple of others on the server became corrupt. After many attempts to repair the corrupt tables I eventually gave in and resorted to restoring form yesterday's backup. The good news is the site is back up. The bad news is we lost close to a day of topics, replies and registrations. I'd like to apologize to everyone, especially anyone who posted a topic hoping for help during the missing period.

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