After the failed upgrade attempt a fortnight ago I spent a lot of time looking in the wrong direction. The main problem was that users were unable to log in. So I thought it must have been session related. I tried many experiments with cookies, cache and sessions locally but couldn't workout what was going wrong. Everything seemed to be working correctly apart from the failed logins.
After many attempts at upgrading locally, dropping and recreating the database then running the upgrade script I narrowed the problem down to character set in the database, mainly the user table. The upgrade converted the data in the user table as well as many others to utf-8 from latin1. Due to some strange, well strange to me, characters used in username and signatures the conversion of the users table failed. luckily each time it failed it pointed to a row so I just had to find that row and look around that for the record with the strange character and fix it then rerun the database upgrade. The users table has about 35000 records and this was done locally while I recorded the record or user id to fix on the live site later.

The downside to this method is that some users now have a different username or signature. So I tried looking for other methods of converting between latin1 and utf-8 and although I found some suggested solutions nothing was looking like it was stable enough or successful enough to use.

So I kept running the upgrade query for users, fixing the errors and runing it again until all the errors were gone. It took a while to get to this stage and by then I needed a new database dump to make sure I wouldn't miss any new data. So I fixed my list of errors on the site, took a database dump and started again locally. Once all the errors were sorted out and I was sure people would still be able to logon, I was ready to attempt the upgrade.

The process I use to upgrade is firstly create a new directory at the same level as the public_html directory with all the new files and correct permissions. That way I don't need to be uploading while the site is offline and I can convert back easily if something goes wrong. It requires a fair amount of disk space. Once the files are in place I put the site offline, create a new copy of the database then point the settings to the new database and swap the names old public_html directory and the new one. Then run the upgrade script and configure as required.

Luckily for me everything seemed to go well this time. There was a few minor problems with file attachments that I forgot to copy over and smilies but everything else seems to be going fine.
More issues may arise over the next few days, we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

So it wasn't a session/cache

So it wasn't a session/cache problem! have to admit I've encountered that problem with database collations being changed but can't remember whether it was with Drupal or Wordpress and it didn't occur to me the other day as a potential suggestion for the problems but in my case I think it kicked the install over completely so It wouldn't have sprung to mind.

Interesting to read your upgrade approach, seems most sensible and straightforward, how do you cope with admin settings? are they just copied over with the DB or do you have to just manually go through things again.

So are we on 5.0 now or did you download the latest 5.1 Smile

All seems well and good so far, one little point of relative unimportance? is that everytime I post Firebug pops up reporting an error to do with upload.js - line 4: if(isJsEnabled()) {

Slightly odd problem or not (Drupals infamous 'blank page') when submitting comments, I get blank page 'stopped'
yet when I back out and re-visit the post the comment has been submitted ok.

admin settings

Hi Hugo,
Admin settings are firstly copied over with the database and then after the upgrade I go through anything that may require adjusting. It is recomended to turn of any non-core modules before upgrading, then upgrade them once everything is working. Since I had been playing with this locally for some time I had worked out which modules to upgrade which were not available etc.
I'll have a look at the javascript error tomorrow.

Not sure this the best place

Not sure this the best place but still...

Seems to be a small problem with the 'My recent posts' sort ordering, can't fathom what it's sorting on at the moment but it's not recent posts, I have old sticky threads as most recent , nothing more recent than a week, and all others seem to be somewhat random selections of old posts?

Its "My Recent Threads" not

Its "My Recent Threads" not recent posts, ie. only those threads where you made the initial post. I also reckon, the site has got slower since the upgrade.

Chris..S wrote:Its "My

Chris..S wrote:
Its "My Recent Threads" not recent posts, ie. only those threads where you made the initial post. I also reckon, the site has got slower since the upgrade.

Your dead right , I completely missed the one obvious common deniminator i.e the 'author' column which was all me, and I stared at it for an age trying to puzle it out *sigh* there are days... Smile

As for slower that might be cron job running? seem to remember there were problems once before with indexing of the site slowing things up.


Indexing will have something to do with it.
During the upgrade the cache is dropped and after 4 years there are a lot of documents to re-index.
We are indexing 500 nodes an hour and have indexed 32% so far.
Another 2 days and we should be getting there.

Hmm seem to be back on that

edit/ *sigh* forget below comments, while logged on went back to /tracker and out of curiosity did a forced refresh and it cleared to a logged in view, why? beats me, it's just too confusing :shrug:

Hmm seem to be back on that happy subject of login Smile

Can't seem to get a logged in view of 'recent posts' /tracker

which is a little annoying as there is no 'My Recent posts(threads)'
reading an actual post and one is logged in (and seeemingly the only way to log off)

Cleared cache, cookie, and authenticated sessions, attempted login; nothing doing at all. Re-started browser login possible same problem though I only appear logged in when viewing a post?

Sound like a lot of effort..

Sound like a lot of effort.. gotta love how something always goes wrong with computers. Smile Btw what CMS are you running this site on, if any?

olthof wrote:Btw what CMS

olthof wrote:
Btw what CMS are you running this site on, if any?