Transition-delay specifies how long after it is triggered the transition will start.
Use seconds 's', or milliseconds 'ms' to define the value.

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Transition-property specifies a list of properties to be changed by the transition.

List of CSS properties that can be changed with transition.

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Transition-timing-function sets the timing function to be used by the transition.

  • linear Constant speed
  • ease Default, gradual slowdown
  • ease-in Speed up
  • ease-out Slow down
  • ease-in-out Speed up then slow down
  • cubic-bezier(x1, y1, x2, y2) X and Y values are between 0 and 1 to define the shape of a bezier curve. This can be used to define custom timings.


Transition-duration specifies how many seconds 's' or milliseconds 'ms' a transition effect takes to complete.

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Transition is all about what happens when a property changes form one value to another. How long it takes and what timing function is used.
Transition is a shorthand rule for:

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