Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Spend a little time thinking of those less fortunate then yourself, and on how we can make the world a better place in 2008.

Thanks for all the time people have freely given to help others on the CSS forum specially the moderators who do an excellent job of spotting spam and keeping the forum running.

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I'm a winner

Talk about happy New year.
I've just checked an old unused email account and discovered I have won,

  • The UK national lottery(many times)

  • The Turkish national Lottery

  • Loteria Nacional (Spanish Lottery)

  • Microsoft Award promo

  • Aussie International Sweepstakes

  • Euro Millions online Sweepstakes

  • British Online Lottery Sweepstakes

  • United Kingdom Microsoft Company

  • Oxford International Lottery

  • Netherland National Lottery

  • World Cup 2010 Free Lottery

  • Powerballs Lottery

Bad clients are a pox!

I haven't done a lot of web development. I mostly fix things for people who do, but have hit an html/css bump. It's pretty simple really. I look at what they've got and what they want, and either fix it or suggest another approach. No hoohoo.

Vlad Alexander's, Conversation with CSS 3 team

Vlad Alexander interviews Bert Boss in Conversation with CSS 3 team. They discuss where CSS3 is at, some of the new features, the dos and don'ts of CSS and much more.

Read it for yourself Conversation with CSS 3 team.

Web Directions South 2007

A big part of the focus of this years conference was Mobile devices and the impact they will have on the web. Ajax, CSS, Accessibility and Social networks also featured highly. Many of the slideshows are available on SlideShare.

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