Help choose a winner

The CSS Creator logo comp is closed to submissions. Thanks to all those who took part either submitting logos or adding comments. Some of the designers have really come up with creative, original designs. Now we have the hard task of choosing a winner. You can help out by posting your top 3 logos here, or by tweeting your favorites with @csscreator #logo included in the tweet.

@CSSCreator twitter account

I have set up a twitter account for @CSSCreator. The account will be used initially to keep people informed of the redesign and development. I'll use it to let you know when the site comes back online as it will be down for most of a day. Don't get too excited, it is still a while off and there's still much to be done, specially on the design side of things. Just one day left in the Logo Design competition. Then we have the hard task of choosing a winner and then designing the site...

Logo competition

Finally the logo competition for CSS Creator is underway. You can view the details Logo comp at 99designs

The competition is only open for a week so please submit your logo designs as soon as possible. If design is not your thing you can still provide feedback here on your favorite designs and help me to choose a winner.

The redevelopment of the site is going well I have incorporated most of the suggestions from the Sometime this year post.

Browsers - the bain of our lives?

So Chrome 3 is in Beta, wonderful, and how RAD of them!

They are reported to be making a concerted effort to support HTML5; is this a good thing?

Am I suddenly to start making use of HTML5 seeing as how one browser out of many will support my efforts?

An update on enclosing floats

I got to thinking about inline-block and inline-table and whether their creating a new block formatting context meant that float descendents were enclosed. The obvious next step was to set up a test case or two. Lo and behold, it does.

I have updated my Enclosing float elements demo/tutorial to reflect these findings.



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