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I know there are multiple threads about CMS, and which ones are good and bad. I am looking into Light CMS, and am wondering if there are better alternatives out there. Light CMS is built for the designer who doesnt want to get into back-end programming. Its stupid easy, and powerful! So, are there other alternatives that focus on the designer not being a programmer?

First basic few steps in building a webpage
1. Gather and collect content.
2. Organize the content into meaningful semantic valid HTML
3. Design the prototype
4. Style using CSS


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http://www.cushycms.com/ All

All it requires is a certain class on a div and FTP access and it will do it all for you.
Nothing to upload or setup on your side, besides adding classes.

I've used it for a couple of clients who had .html sites and good page ranking and didn't want to mess up their file structure. It works pretty decently.

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