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I'm trying to find solution to the issue that I have in this site:

I waste almost 2 days to find solution but nothing.

What I want to do is to continue the background (with border) in the missing part in case I create longer page (content). see the attached file (I made yellow frame just to mark the area)

Maybe should I need to add new DIV inside other DIV and give it unique style with stripe background and make it repeat-y?! If yes, how to locate the new DIV?

If you want me to add some code ... I will.
Thanks in advance

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Next time, provide a link to

Next time, provide a link to the actual page in question, not the home page.

1. validate the code

2. research the term divitis!!!

3. reconstruct the page.
a. edit the background of that div so that it doesnt include the border.
b. reconstruct the page so that that main content div is one div with
a background color of black and the background image. Then apply a
css border to that div.

First basic few steps in building a webpage
1. Gather and collect content.
2. Organize the content into meaningful semantic valid HTML
3. Design the prototype
4. Style using CSS