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I've just completed this site and would like some opinions on my coding/design.

The only problem I can find and not sure how to fix it, is when you click on the gallery page, for some reason the page load up like this.

But if I hit refresh, then it reloads fine

Any idea why?


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1. validate your code 2.

1. validate your code

2. Transitional doctype is frowned upon

3. Alot of divs for such a simple design

4. having all that useful text as part of an image is very bad. shame on you!

5. turn off all your styles. I dont see a logo or branding of any kind. Bad

6. layout breaks with one text size increase.

7. the "think bathrooms" block of text on the contact page seems it should be on the same lvl as the form.

8. font size is small, Ed is going to have a fit.

9. heading and body copy need more contrast.

First basic few steps in building a webpage
1. Gather and collect content.
2. Organize the content into meaningful semantic valid HTML
3. Design the prototype
4. Style using CSS