Cascading Style Sheets

Need Guidance in CSS

I am really new to CSS so bear with me if ever I am really bad at it even if it is a very simple matter.

I have downloaded a template from HTML5 UP but the css for hover box effect and the font style in it are not in the style.css and I don't know how to find it.

Link for the template:

Images for what I mean the problem is:

when i post an html file code in outlook it become disorder

disorder of html and pictures

Align Images and image text next to each other in a table


I am trying to fix two things with CSS but so far no luck (Screen shot attached):

1.I want the 2nd td(projectText) in every row to start at same vertical position as of 1st td(projectImages).Currently the anchor tag text in 2nd td(projectText) is positioned above the 1st td. How to style the 2nd td such that horizontally both TDs are in a straight line. That is text(2nd TD) for the images(1st TD) should start next to the image.

Wordpress - change widget colour in header

Hi! I've tried looking everywhere for an answer, heres my question
How do I change the colour of the widget in my header? I want to keep the background colour the same. Someone else designed the site for me and not being helpful at the moment, looking to complete it myself.


Thanks for any and all help!

Basic Issues with Page Layout

Hi All,

So I've decided to start using Google Web Designer, a desktop application for Mac/Windows. I made my first site (just one page for now), and I'm having a little difficulty with figuring a few things out. Here's what I'm struggling with:

• if you resize your window or even open the page on a differently sized monitor, it just stays where it is, it doesn't move to accommodate the size of your browser window.
• there is no scroll bar.
• when I hyperlink text, I'm required to make it blue and underlined.

If anyone has any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated!

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