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Mobile style menu doesn't expand in some resolution

Good Morning all!
in this page:

I modified the css to make visible the menu mobile style at bigger resolution (I put 1991px instead 1991px).

But now I have these problems:
Until 979x is all ok, even "Contattaci" is expandible and works correctly
Between 980px and 991px "Contattaci" stops to be expandible and the button doesn't work.
After 991px the button change location and still doesn't work.
Anyway could help me?

Thanks in advance!

Buttons and background image position are not relative with the screen size

I am trying to develop a web application and the home page has a background image on which I have few buttons on the background image . when I am trying to minimize the window or resize it, the buttons and background image are remaining on the fixed place. I want the button to remain on the same spot on the top of the background image even if i resize the window. It does not make sense if i resize the window and background image and buttons does not remains on the fixed spot(on top of background image) I am a beginner please help me by your valuable feedback and suggestions. Thank you.

Div with "width: auto;" not auto-expanding & "display: inline;" not working on its own. Why is this happening?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me why my div is not auto expanding to fit its contents, even though I set "width: auto;" ?
Also, why does my "display: inline;" not work?

You can see what I mean here:

Question 1: I set the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border to "width: auto;", but the inner divs are wrapping for some reason, and the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border is not expanding horizontally to contain more divs.

Horizontal alignment of few div's inside centered container

Hi, I need some help and I hope the solution is simple for professionals.
The task is distribution of some layers inside the container.
The trouble is that the border between first right .pic_text is bigger than between first left .pic_text. The container .center is centered, but its content doesn't have equal margins.
I tried to find the solution, but couldn't find it ( for my case.
The matter is that every .pic_text has to have picture and text and the design has to be adaptive.

Here is my code CSS3:

  .center {
	width: 95%; 
	height: auto;
	padding: 10px; 

Background not working with wrapper

Hi guys,

I'm having trouble with my background not working. I'va made a wrapper/container to set my background in it, because I have different backgrounds for each page on the site. If I just put "background: black;" instead of the image that I want as background it works, which is strange since the url to the image is correct.

Here is the code:


<?php include("incl/config.php");
$title = "Hem";
$pageId = "hem";
$pageStyle = null;
<?php include("incl/header.php"); ?>
<div id="containerhome">
<div id="start">

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