Cascading Style Sheets

How to force certain link colors on a class


I have just "inherited" a Drupal website with a very complex (for me at least...) custom css stylesheet. I must perform many configuration changes in Drupal (no problem with that) but they also asked me one "little" change in the css that is driving me crazy. Here is the issue:

Css menu bar problem

Hello everyone

For a University project, we have to make a Homepage.
Since the classes was not deep in detail I'm really beginner in this stuff.

So I download a css menu from the page and make it like I want to have it. Everthing works fine with the index.html but strangly when I want visit for example "Aktuelles" and then click on "Institut" the drop down menu doesn't show up.

Place a character in the top left corner of a div??

How can I place a character (number) in the top left corner of a div??


Remove padding from main page?

Here is the link to my website, I have not customized the photos yet as I wanted to get the layout right before I screwed anything else up.

I am wanting the footer to be higher up, preferably where I do not have to scroll on the main page.


Vertically centering text in megamenu dropdown

Hi there,
I'm trying to vertically centre the items in the drop-down of the mega menu on my website. I've tried vertical-align: middle; but that doesn't seem to work.

The site is and I'm using SJ Megamenu in Joomla.

Especially annoying is the "Reaction Rate, Equilibrium and Thermochemistry" topic in the "Chemistry" menu.

If someone could take a look and make a suggestion, that would be great.


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