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Responsive layout assistance

As someone who does not do a lot with CSS, I am trying to find the correct code to fix the layout issue at the bottom of my page:
I did purchase this template and am aware there is a lot of extra code/tags that are not needed. My main concern at this time is how to correct the logo/address at the bottom so they display correctly on mobile devices (and yes, I am also guilty of using a table at the bottom)!

Many thanks in advance,

<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="footer">

Hiding flash content until loaded in IE browsers

Hi, I have a flash object which I want to hide until fully loaded, I have the event firing when the flash is loaded so there is no problem to show when fully loaded.
I managed to hide it quite easily in all modern browsers, however I can't see it make it work on IE browsers (ver 8,9...), seems like there's nothing I can do to hide the flash object while loading, can someone help? i needed a tested solution if possible tired of trying useless solutions.

Menu active area not same height as nav bar

Hi Folks, had a good search on the forum and days of trying to sort this myself.

I have a menu but the active part that you click on is not the same height as the menu itself.
I have adjusted everything I can see but nothing works.

Link below shows the problem if you hover over the links the active area does not go all the way to the bottom.
Would like the active area to be the full height of the nav bar.

Any help would be very much appreciated please.

CSS material zblock HELP

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if it was available to get the Material hack on zblock servers?
- If so, how?
or is there other ways to Sad

Help With Making Image Layers Responsive

I’m not a CSS ninja by any means however I’m not new to web development by any means. With that being said, I’m failing miserably at trying to take a section of a previous developers existing code and make it fully responsive.

(WARNING – Completely Irrelevant)
Quick back-story: I have taken an existing site and completely re-developed it using a responsive jquery bg image carousel and implemented image maps (yes 1990’s-ish, but it gets the job done), and found another jquery plug-in that auto resizes the image maps based on the devices resolution .

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