Cascading Style Sheets

Overlapping Padding...

Hi there,

I have a problem with my layout and can't find a solution

The following code works fine but due to constraints of the j2ee platform I'm using I need the 'field' <span> to be enclosed in a <div>. As you'll see if you surround each span with the field class in a div, this breaks the layout resulting in the field span's padding overlapping the parent 'wfVarContainer'. I'm hoping someone most knowledgeable than I can fix this and explain what's happening...,css,output

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How i Add Social Button

I have games site I want to add Social share button on top of my site above games Babyhazelgames4u I want FB , G+ , T button Only show on home page not show on internal pages.

I need some layout ideas for my site

Hi there,

I have this site: which acts as a Romanian dictionary. Please give me some ideas of design and how could I make it look better.
The css is based on foundation.

z-index and fixed position

Hi, I have problem with Chrome and Opera.My site have searchbox and when i input search term, a div which jump,not overlap divs with fixed positon.The problem happen on user profile page.How i can fix It.

My site is .You may log in with


pass: password

I hope that someone will help me.

CSS customization to a wordpress theme


I'm creating a website using wordpress + Canvas theme, and I'm doing a lot of CSS customization in the menu area. Right now, I have two problems.

1. I can't center the main menu (Yoga, Music, Food, Body...) vertically over its background.

2. The CSS properties I applied work normally on Google Chrome, but on Firefox they don't. And I haven't seen how it is on IE.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix these problems?

Thanks so much in advance. I literally tried everything I could before asking your help. Any help is really really appreciated.

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