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CSS material zblock HELP

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if it was available to get the Material hack on zblock servers?
- If so, how?
or is there other ways to Sad

Help With Making Image Layers Responsive

I’m not a CSS ninja by any means however I’m not new to web development by any means. With that being said, I’m failing miserably at trying to take a section of a previous developers existing code and make it fully responsive.

(WARNING – Completely Irrelevant)
Quick back-story: I have taken an existing site and completely re-developed it using a responsive jquery bg image carousel and implemented image maps (yes 1990’s-ish, but it gets the job done), and found another jquery plug-in that auto resizes the image maps based on the devices resolution .

After adding a shadow ( code attached), the page scrolls down below the footer..only in Firefox

After adding this code to the page, it scrolls down below the footer so it doesn't stays at the bottom of the page.
It only happens with Firefox, Chrome and Safari work fine.

find below the code added that provokes the problem, if you need some more info please let me know...not sure where the problem is.


<div class="nav-shadow"></div>


.nav-shadow{opacity:0.5;}@media (min-width:768px){.nav-shadow{
	position: absolute;
	z-index: 799;
	background: #fdfbf3;
	left: -99999em;
	right: 99999em;
	top: 66px;
	bottom: 0;
	width: 100%;

Responsive Searchbox center align

Hi everybody!

I have just started designing my first website and I am encountering a slight problem with the styling.

I have modified my CSS to place the social icons and the search box in the center of the page, but it only works in screens with my resolution. If I visit my page with a panoramic screen or a larger screen than the one I am using to design it, the items are not in the center.

Is there a way to block their position and for it to be the same on ALL devices?

This is my website: (I am using Wordpress and the Customizr Pro Theme).

graphic button in drupal

I want to make a button on location on a php file that currently is just a hyperlink.
Currently, the code segment appear in a browser with the text "Donate now", but I want it to be a paypal button instead.

All this is part of a paypal module I have set up in Drupal. I have already figured out the proper way to use a .css file with this module to modify another aspect of it. And now I want to change the textual hyperlink to a paypal button.

The line of code in question looks like this in the paypal_donations_single.tpl.php file:

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