Making content (text) area larger in a wordpress theme.

I was able to make my theme area larger by modifying this section of the stylesheet.css:

/*========= LAYOUT =========*/
	background: #ffffff;
	margin: 0 auto;
	width: 960px;

But this leaves a gap between the content area (where the text of a page or post is located) and the sidebar. I want to make the text area a little wider.

Here is the complete css code of the theme:

Theme Name: Original Premium News
Theme URI: <a href="
Description:" rel="nofollow">
Description:</a> Original Premium News by WooThemes
Version: 2.4.5
Author: WooThemes

Edit CSS file in wordpress theme

I want to make bigger font size of main menu.

I tried to correct some code, but it didn't work.

This is the header portion of style.css:

.head-row1 { height:90px; width:100%; overflow:hidden;}
.head-row1 .col1 { float:left; }
.head-row1 .col2 { float:right;}
.head-row2 { height:45px; width:100%;background:none; margin-bottom:11px;}
.head-row2 .col1 { float:left; width:721px;}
.head-row2 .col2 { float:left; width: 230px; margin: 7px 0 0 0;}
.head-row3 { width:100%;}
.head-row4 { height:; width:100%;}

Wordpress: What CSS classes for font in individual posts and replies?


In my posts page:
I used the following CSS code, to change the font size for the post:
.blog .entry {font-size:14px;}
This works fine.

When I open a post (I click to read), the font size is bigger, as in:

What CSS code can I use to affect the text there?
Also, what CSS code can I use to affect the text in the responses below the post?
(Also in

Menu in IE9 Looks Bad

Hello guys,

I am having problem with my wordpress website ,the menu is fine in chrome and mozilla, but looks differently in IE9, I can't trace the problem using IE's element inspector.


Having problem resizing WP logo...

Hi folks,
I'm having problems resizing the logo at Linky No matter what changes I make in the CSS, it defaults to 40 x 159. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

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