Broken image over CSS background image

I created a site for a client and added a custom search icon which shows on load and the a broken image displays over it after a second or so. Been racking my brains trying to figure out why and how to get rid of this broken image. This is a wordpress blog... Please help!!!!!


Any help would be much appreciated....

Thanks, Crooksy

Css gurus help to fix menu needed :)

Hi guys. I have a problem with menu on my website
I am using same menu items (brands list) twice: as catalog subitmes and as separate main level menu item. When I select a brand form one of the two options it underlines both catalog and brand list.

How can I fix it with custom Css.

Need assistance with Moving an element correctly in layout.

I'm having some trouble moving a element around, Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my css:

.yotpo.bottomLine.yotpo-small {
position: relative! important;
bottom: 140px! important;

.yotpo-display-wrapper {
position: relative! important;
bottom: 10px! important;

If you view here: you will notice that the review stars are missaligned on the first product.

If you open that product and view it, it appears in the correct place.

CSS customization to a wordpress theme


I'm creating a website using wordpress + Canvas theme, and I'm doing a lot of CSS customization in the menu area. Right now, I have two problems.

1. I can't center the main menu (Yoga, Music, Food, Body...) vertically over its background.

2. The CSS properties I applied work normally on Google Chrome, but on Firefox they don't. And I haven't seen how it is on IE.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix these problems?

Thanks so much in advance. I literally tried everything I could before asking your help. Any help is really really appreciated.

Wordpress CSS conflicting with Java menu?

Hi, forgive me; I'm not sure if this question is better suited in the Off topic section, due to the Javascript menu, or if it's better in the CMS section since it also deals with Wordpress, so I've posted this in both places for now.

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