CSS Selectors

Hey what's up guys??

I need a help, i'm trying to edit a list item and i have this estructure:

#menu ul li:hover {background-color:#000;}

But i want the first-child to be different, how can i do it???

#menu ul li:first-child:hover {background-color:#000;}


Thank you

Correctly setting the height of row of elements

I am having difficulty setting the height of a row of header elements. The row contains a logo image and a dynamic SVG animation created by D3. At present the row is about twice as tall as the elements it contains. I've spend about 2 hours testing all combinations of css I can think of (height: 200px etc) but nothing works. I'd be grateful if someone could have a look at the page and tell me what I'm missing.

Here is the page

Sticky Header

Hi everyone,

I have messed up something on the website www_repucom._net - the header is sticky for the english language and the japanese, but for the german .net/de, french and portuguese it is not. I have absolutely no idea where about I have to look for the mistake. Since the css for all the different language should be the same?

Well maybe someone can help me out with a hint, where I should start looking.

Thanks guys!

Table Problem

Hi guys,

I hope I am posting this right, well here we go.

I am working on a wordpress site and there is a problem with tables in the content of pages and posts. I am not able to find the wrong set up in the CSS, so maybe you can help me out.

The code for the table in the content page looks like this

<table width="670px">

CSS Position Help

Hey good afternoon!

I've long delayed my process into switching over to CSS. Today I'm running across a position error and was wondering if anyone could spot the anamoly.

Here is the page:

How it appears now:
I've used the fixed tag for everything except the text. I did this to test browser sizing. Code below:

@charset "utf-8";
body {
	background-color: #fafafa;
	font-size: 15.5%;
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;
body * {
	font-size: 100%;
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {

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