Trouble with CSS in a Tumblr theme

So I've been messing around on one of my side tumblrs, making it pretty and practicing my coding skills. I wanted a dropdown menu for part of it, because there were enough links that having them all visible all the time would take up a lot of space. I tried splicing in code for such a thing and then modifying it to fit the rest of my CSS, but that wasn't working, so I ended up on a site where you just put your titles and links in and it makes the code for you. It's working great, but only on the one page I've been working on.

css positioning problem

Is there any way to just make the entire page fixed so that nothing changes at all when you zoom in or out and everything just gets smaller/bigger appropriately? I'm kind of inexperienced with html and css, but I have things the way I want them and this is really the only problem I've come across. I'm using webgui.

Positioning of Items

What are the best ways to align items on a page with CSS?


How do you incorporate a grid into your design and make it responsive?

These are the things I struggle with the most. I would really appreciate any help I could get with this!

Backroung hiding behind other modules

I have a basic blogp with a 2 column layout. One for the content (left), anothe column for "latest articles" and other stuff (right). I wish to add a background image, but it is giving me problems.

Full width image w/ divs over 960px wide responsive content

Hi everyone,

I have just finished the design of one new project, and are now about to start programing it into html/css but can't figure out, how to do it. For a better understanding, here a quick sketch:

The content should be 960px wide and responsive, which in theory shouldn't be a problem to program. However, I am looking to get one image which is 100% wide, and this image should be covered by two DIVs with each an opacity of 50%. Each of these two DIVs will contain some text and a button.

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