Nav bar on the left with a responsve logo on the right

I have a navbar at the top of each page with a list of elements all with float: left; applied to them. I then have a company logo floating on the right hand side of the nav bar. The issue is that if I make the window too small, the logo will move underneath the list items, I need it to shrink in size.

I do have media queries for mobile devices, but this is when the screen is still too large for a mobile device. I may also mention that the number of items on the menu bar can change, so a media query for this is not suitable.

Navbar and Background HELP.

Hello there, I am almost completly new to CSS and want to get some problems solved as quick as possible.
I'm a graphicer, designing a webshop with graphics and so on, we are currently using a platform to host our webshop and it has some easy feauters such as: Upload file/image, Create new page with articles, upload price and much more. Well my point is that this platform gets most of the job done.
However I have created a navigation bar on this platform and now I want a clean hover and marked function for it.
The navbar is located in this section:

Expand width in half page

Hello.. I think i need some help..

It is a bit hard to explain, so i think it is easier to visit my site to find out the problem..

my site is:

open a random product.. and look down for product description... I want to be able to display the product description on all the page content, not just in the middle.. if you know what i mean..

Thanks for your help guys!


Menu Items on top of each other

I'm trying to create a menu, but the submenu items are on top of each other.

Here is a link to the demo:

How Do I Keep Elements from Drifting Apart When Re-sizing a Responsive Web Page

I'm working with a responsive website theme so images and elements re-size automatically as the size of the browser window changes. I have a header image and under it a main content area. Everything re-sizes just fine except that the vertical distance between the header and the content increases as the window gets smaller. On a smart phone, the content gets pushed just about off of the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to prevent this?

Here's the link to the page I'm working on:

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