Positioning of Items

What are the best ways to align items on a page with CSS?


How do you incorporate a grid into your design and make it responsive?

These are the things I struggle with the most. I would really appreciate any help I could get with this!

Backroung hiding behind other modules

I have a basic blogp with a 2 column layout. One for the content (left), anothe column for "latest articles" and other stuff (right). I wish to add a background image, but it is giving me problems.

Full width image w/ divs over 960px wide responsive content

Hi everyone,

I have just finished the design of one new project, and are now about to start programing it into html/css but can't figure out, how to do it. For a better understanding, here a quick sketch:

The content should be 960px wide and responsive, which in theory shouldn't be a problem to program. However, I am looking to get one image which is 100% wide, and this image should be covered by two DIVs with each an opacity of 50%. Each of these two DIVs will contain some text and a button.

CSS Selectors

Hey what's up guys??

I need a help, i'm trying to edit a list item and i have this estructure:

#menu ul li:hover {background-color:#000;}

But i want the first-child to be different, how can i do it???

#menu ul li:first-child:hover {background-color:#000;}


Thank you

Correctly setting the height of row of elements

I am having difficulty setting the height of a row of header elements. The row contains a logo image and a dynamic SVG animation created by D3. At present the row is about twice as tall as the elements it contains. I've spend about 2 hours testing all combinations of css I can think of (height: 200px etc) but nothing works. I'd be grateful if someone could have a look at the page and tell me what I'm missing.

Here is the page

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