Can't Change CSS Bullet <-> Text Spacing?

Question for you creative CSS geniuses out there: Is there any way to affect the spacing between a list-style-image and the text that follows?

I'm creating a dropdown menu and using the list-style-image as the left border and drop-shadow. I'm also using a background-image set right for the other border.

Picture gadget is stuck on the right

Can anybody help me, please Smile

I added a picture gadget on my Blogger sidebar (Page Elements > Add A Gadget > Picture), but when I do a preview the picture is moved far on the right, while it should properly be centered, because the Labels widget is correctly centered.

Visual explanation:

I tried changing the sidebar's padding and margins, but then the Labels go left/right while the picture stays on its fixed position.

Here's my CSS:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

Significance of > in css

I was looking through some code and it had the following:

//css code

I tried taking the > out and it ruined the layout of the page. What does > do? Thanks!

Vertically-scrolling foreground image over fixed background image

I don't know where to find my Doctype, so if you need this, could you please tell me where to find it?

I have a simple problem. Simple for you guys, not for me. I am using Wordpress 3.0.1. I have heavily edited the CSS of a theme that I found online for use with my site.

My site has a background image behind the content that is fixed and non-repeating (I'll call this the "Foreground".)
Behind it is another background outside of the content box, with a another fixed, non-repeating background.
The site content scrolls up and down.

Problem with z-index and display

I'm building a site here and on the home page I have two tabs off to the right side that use javascript to switch the display property of two divs. This system all works fine and dandy in everything but IE of course... IE doesn't seem to recognize the z-index that each of the items is on and the main picture and text get shifted down when you click on one of the tabs. Can anyone help me resolve this problem?

Here's my CSS:

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