Making a div tag take up 100% width minus an image to the left

Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I've read all the guidelines and stuff so I hope I'm not violating any norms here but I apologize if I am.

I've searched and searched for a solution to my problem but I think I'm more of a noob then I realized because either I don't even know enough to search for the right thing or no one has ever had the same problem (I doubt that).

CSS/iFrames?? Why won't this work?

I got a template from a website and the way it was created won't allow iframes to work so that I can use the links to open within the content box.

-> website

Mysterious spacing issues with site

This is a sticky issue. I've tried a ton of stuff, and I need more eyes on the problem.

The issue is that there is a 1em space showing up only on my home page. I can't isolate what property is making the space. You can check it out at:

Below is the neighborhood section of the site with the correct header spacing:

and this is the home page with the mysterious space:

The relative positioning on the DIV (relative) in the F5 to manually refresh in IE6

Hello everybody, brother novice, just joined this forum, we are now experiencing a question to ask! Members of the workers there.

I wrote a web page using CSS style of a DIV in CSS. As


border-left:solid 1px #CACACA;
border-bottom:solid 1px #00617D;
border-right:solid 1px #BCBCBC;


Need Some Help With Creating A Website

DISCLAIMER: While I have edited CSS before and am relatively familiar with it, as well as HTML, I'm not an expert, so may be prone to asking some questions which could seem very daft. With that out of the way, here is my quandary:

I currently own the domain It is hosted on DreamHost.

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