How can I make good mobile responsive transition?

Hello guys,
I have currently trying to make css transition into my website.
I think I have done a great job on a desktop. However, when I go to mobile, bad thing happen Sad
The page is here: My Problem Page

What I want to do is like this: when mouse over the avatar, the <div> increase length and a text box showing my name and contact appear below.

/* About Us CSS
------------------------------------------------------------ */
.left {
	float: left;
.right {
	float: right;
.single-set {
	overflow: hidden;

Complete CSS Novice Need To Fix Basic Div Problem To Improve Webpage Layout

Let me just say I know absolutely nothing about CSS and divs.

I need to have the web page elements clients and the benefits boxes next to them on the page looking correct across all browsers, right now they look fine on Chrome and Firefox, but then mess up in Internet Explorer.

For example, f you look at this page on my site

In Internet Explorer it is all mixed together and messy, but in Chrome and Firefox it looks OK. I'm really pushed for time.

Nivoslider slideshow issue with firefox

My nivoslider slideshow on my index page shows us correctly in chrome, IE 10 and opera.
Only in Firefox it shows us up on the right side.
Here is my site:

How can I fix this ?

I appreciate your help

Help with layout

This may be a very basic question, but I still need some help Smile

I have been asked to help try and fix this website (link below) for a small shop who I do work for.

What needs to be fixed is the image bar bellow the menu with the "A/W collection" wirtten on it.

The image does not move fluidly with the rest of the layout when the browser is resized.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm Having A Nightmare to Figure Out This Layout Issue.. Please Help!!!

Alright Guys

I am having major problems taking the following image and then turn it into css code. I have slice the image, so that it's split into to sections.. I.e the grey part is the header, and then the black part will be the background, where later on I will add text and images in dreamweaver. Here is the image I am talking about


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