Floating div doesn't reach containers height

For a moment I thought faux columns would fix this, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Header is red, container is purple, left floater is orange and right floater is grey.


The problem here is that the left inner div isn't stretching all the way to the bottom. This causes the coloring to look weird, and the text in the right div to get undearneath the left div. In addition to this, for some reason there's a margin below and above the right div, as you can see some purple (wrapper div) there.

Text Display Problem in CSS! HELP PLEASE!

Hello, I have a small problem here and the problem is weird. I have designed a simple CSS layout in Notepad, and everything is doing well except my Heading and Text which are not displaying correctly in a DIV tags. I have included a download link below where you can download my webpage to see. See the Heading:"Contact Us" and the text: "Use this form below:", I want them to display below my banner, but they are displaying near the footer. How to make them displaying above, just below the banner? Thank you, PLEASE HELP ME! Sad(

content left out

i am usind following class but when the browser is not maximized instead of horizontal and vertical scroll content is not shown
what should i do?

Need help getting site to look right in Internet Explorer.

Hello I have completely finished my site for Chrome and Firefox, which is never a problem. The problem is Internet Explorer! It seems its always IE that gives me trouble and its the most popular (even though its the worst!).

So if anybody isn't to mad at me for bad mouthing IE then can you please help me get past this last hump to start promoting my website.

online visual css editor - feedback needed

We need your feedback!

The first online visual CSS editor is now in beta testing phase. It's completely FREE, so you can use it for work, learning, debugging or just having fun in customising your website's template.

Send us your thoughts or problems! Our support is now open.

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