Added Padding or soomething with IE7.. please help

Its best to just show you the issue.. if you goto the link below in Firefox and then view it in IE you see the extra white space which has been added to the Right of the right CSS column/area.. i have ripped aprt my coding for that page trying to find the issue, but in this case i just cant seem to figure it out.. any help would be appreciated..

heres the CSS for those two columns (some of it is attempts to fix the issue.. hence some of the slop)

#WineMidTextArea {
float: right;
width: 543px;
height: 585px;

Styling Images inside Links

Hi all - this is my first post Smile

I am trying to improve my CSS, so would like to understand what's going on with a particular problem I was having on a site.
I have made a fix, but feel it's a sledgehammer approach.

Initially, the original HTML markup in question was just the series of 4 images, there was no problem.
I had a class applied to the images to style it with a border and drop-shadow and significantly, to give it some margin spacing between images.

Please Help! Trying to add a container and wrapper.

This is my first post, am pretty new to all this. Have been banging my head against a wall trying to get a border on the outside of my center page so that when it's open on different sized screens, iPad to large monitors the center stays the same size and the outside colour stretches out to fill the empty space.
I think that the center might have to go in a container and then add a wrapper?
Have been trying all sorts of things for days and no luck.
This is where I think I have to put the container and wrapper but nothing is working for me.

* {
	padding: 0;
	margin: 0

Floating div doesn't reach containers height

For a moment I thought faux columns would fix this, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Header is red, container is purple, left floater is orange and right floater is grey.


The problem here is that the left inner div isn't stretching all the way to the bottom. This causes the coloring to look weird, and the text in the right div to get undearneath the left div. In addition to this, for some reason there's a margin below and above the right div, as you can see some purple (wrapper div) there.

Text Display Problem in CSS! HELP PLEASE!

Hello, I have a small problem here and the problem is weird. I have designed a simple CSS layout in Notepad, and everything is doing well except my Heading and Text which are not displaying correctly in a DIV tags. I have included a download link below where you can download my webpage to see. See the Heading:"Contact Us" and the text: "Use this form below:", I want them to display below my banner, but they are displaying near the footer. How to make them displaying above, just below the banner? Thank you, PLEASE HELP ME! Sad(

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