Faint Sidebar Line and Height Issue - Very easy!

Hello! I know I can't get much help here because I'm using a premium theme, bu their forums aren't that good. Anyways, I'm having problems with my site Humblesolutions4u.com I'm using elegant estate. I'm sure it's very easy, im just having a brain fart.

Problem 1: I disabled the sidebar, but there is still a faint line running down the main listing area on the homepage. I'm guessing it's an image?

Problem 2: The first 2 listings are the same height, while the third is a bit shorter! I've attached an image so you can see what I'm talking about.

Thank you very much!!

Help me with layout, i am a begginer

I have big problem with this.. Red square is div element..I can't find how to red square stay in the same position on the background when resizing..You can see problem on picture..in one resolution the red square is on the head and on the oder far away..bacause width changed...The same question is for other elements..When i resize window they move..I don't want that..I want them to stay in the same position and that scrool bar appears. I want them to be like one part. I hope you understand me..Let me know if you need my css and html file.

Aligining Post titles

I am working on a site:


I want my homepage to display my most recent posts and i am using 2 plugins. 1) Widgets on pages 2)advanced recent posts widget. This works well however i am having trouble aligning the titles and dates. I want the image to be on the left which they are atm, I also want the post title and dates to align with the post excerpt on the right.

<Blogger> Posts overlapping, font size of posts remain the same

heythere Smile
new to this site, haha
I'd like a little help with my blog please?


If you'd have the time to click on that, you'd see that the posts are overlapping,
and with each overlap, the width of the post becomes smaller and smaller, but the font size does not change.

It's mostly handcoded by me XD so I'm really sorry if there are obvious flaws a noob like me can't spot
as I'm not experienced with this CSS/HTML stuff
and I've googled most of the tags on how to make certain stuff work
But I can't seem to find a solution to this problem Shock

Center Page for diffrent screensizes.

I am trying to get my wordpress powered Home Page to be centered on any screen size, so it does not get repeated and the images do not get repeated.

See concept Image: http://puu.sh/1XpBP

I am currently using the Swatch theme (if that helps). I would really like to be able to sue this (above concept^^) on my website as it would allow me to use images that would not be stretched out or duplicated on ether or both the x and y axis.

Thanks in Advance.

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