dynamic columns width and fixed space between them

Hello everyone,
I'm a CSS newbie and I'd like to have 3 columns with fixed space between them (let us say 10px) and the columns have to use all the available width.
The issue is I'm trying to mix fixed space (in pixel) with dynamic width.

Is it possible to achieve so?

Hope it's clear enough otherwise, please ask for more details.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Layout help - 2 images and text

Hi there, I am trying to create in html and css a layout exactly the same as what I have included ( example.jpg)


I beleive the best way to have this would be to have


I would like to ahve Div's inside Div's, would this be the best way ?

I ahve included my html code so far and my css.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you Smile


grr... trying to centre this but can't work it out.

hi there,

i'm using affilistore, which uses smarty templates to get stuff from the database.

if you look at http://is.gd/bLecP you will see on the right hand side, there be a Featured Product image already centered.

underneath is the popular products section - its this bit im having hell to centre!!

any ideas?

thanks in advance.

Positioning of a box with a relative width in a layout

Hi there...

Is it possible to position a child element relatively to a floated parent element?

Link to page: [a]http://menschenbilder.bplaced.net/start/index_bio.html[/a]

I want to have the girl always positioned in the bottom left corner and the logo in the top left one. That is even already working neatly.

Then however the content box is supposed to be placed to the right and should be sized so that the height is a 100% of the whole viewport and the width goes from the right border up to the picture of the girl.

Someone got an idea how this could work?

3 backgrounds to produce one content box

The easiest way to show you the html and css is to visit http://www.appening.com.au/app2/
Once loaded, you'll notice quite a large gap in the content area, I would like this gap:
To be filled with a tiling:

How do I achieve this successfully?

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