Reducing Gap Between Heading and Audio Player

Hi. I am new to css and website building and I have an issue that I have been working on for a day with no success. On this page,
(I have made it public, so it should work for you), the heading, "Listen" and the audio player are too far apart and don't look connected. I can change the style for the heading to drop it down, but that affects all pages. I am looking for it to be closer only with the player. Is there any way to raise the player up instead?


HELP!!! Creating an I want to watch list!

My website has over a thousand videos, and I would like to have the ability for users to be able to create an I want to watch list so as they go though the pages they can just check videos that are of interest? is that possible to do with CSS or code? Please let me know if it is and how to do it. Thank You! Big smile

Please Help: <p> tag in a div inheriting link behaviour unintenionally

Hi guys,

I am just starting with CSS and I am having problem with a

tag in the main div, it inherits for some reason a link behavior, and I simply can't find what is wrong my code.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Here is a link to the code:

Alignment Help Please - CSS and HTML

This is the page I'm having problems with...

As you can see, my topnav isn't lined up right. It was, and I must have hit the wrong thing or something, and I haven't been able to correct it since then.

This is the page I'd like it to look like (just different info)...

Guys, please help me with this "Flexible Box Layout" problem!!!

Hi guys, I am trying to lay out my page using the "Flexible Box Layout" but I am having some irritating issue here, I've attached pics of the CSS file and the result, as you can see, for some reason, I get an "extra" box at the beginning of the navigation menu(I turned on the border left/right for better visual). Do you guys know why I am getting this issue please? Any suggestions are much much appreciated. Thank you very much. By the way, I am new to web coding.

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