Different renderings

I made a site for a client, tested css in IE9 with viewoptions for IE8, IE7, in the browsers Firefox, safari and opera.
All looks fine, but my client sended me a printscreen with the notice, that not all elements align right.
Can somebody help me please to find out whats wrong ??

The page where my client has difficulties is



Cross-browser compatibility - Same browsers rendering differently for different users

Is there any reason why my site would render properly in IE8, 9, and Chrome (all same versions) on my machine, and then render differently on another machine?

I have attached screenshots of a site I'm developing. These shots are from my client. In all three cases, this site renders just fine on my end using the same exact browsers.

My client also tells me that font colors are not showing up properly in the latest version of Safari, when they show up just fine on my machine.

Any direction would be very helpful. Very urgent.

<header> not loading in IE and FF

Happy to stumble across this website in hope that I can have help with my coding issue.

Just started working at this company and when they found out I used to design websites, I subsequently took over re-designing their website from an outside guy. Most of it was done, but changes and converting A LOT to CSS was what I mostly worked on. It's been more than a few years since I've coding a site, so I'm sure I've missed something along the way here.

margin problem in firefox , internet explorer despite using reset


I am CSS beginner. I am trying to create a full width layout.
So i have set width to 100% and reset the margin,padding and border to 0 , as has been explained in so many tutorials to have the "reset effect".

BUT despite doing the "reset" i am getting some margin around my text in both the browsers.
I am testing currently in following browsers:
Firefox 14.0.1 and IE 9
OS used is: win 7 (64 bit)

The HTML and CSS code is as follows:


How to create rounded corner div without css3

Hi Expert,

In our Website , i want rounded corner div, currently i am trying to use images with corner.But it is affecting webpage downloading time.And when i am using css3 then there is broser issue in Internet Explorer.

So Plz help me to display rounded corner div using simple css,

sorry for pure english.

And Thanks in advance

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