Roll-over pop-up works in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer

I am running IE and Firefox on Windows XP. In Firefox, I have successfully achieved a roll-over pop-up for each of photographs on the following page:

This page loads correctly in Firefox because the pop-up boxes appear directly over the photographs when you roll over them. Unfortunately, in Internet Explorer, the popups appear far removed from the photographs.

I need the pop-ups in Internet Explorer to appear in the same manner that they appear in Firefox. Can any one help?

Here's my CSS code:

a span.tooltip {

Justified horizontal nav double banking in IE

I really want this nav bar to stretch exactly the length of my web site but am having some strange margins show up on the right and left, as well as different layout from FF to IE. I've had to use padding for button size, but might have gone wrong there. There is also some interesting top/bottom margin/padding in order to get it to line up properly below the flash header.



IE Issue with My Site Navigation


Trying to figure out why the navigation has an unsightly gap on IE browsers. Can anyone lend a hand to someone in need? Thanks in advance.

Objects showing as inline in ie 7

I am styling a Drupal Ubercart site and have noticed a problem when viewing the shopping cart block in ie 7. It looks OK in 8 and perfect in Firefox and Safari.
The "items", "total", "View cart" and "Checkout " display inline and I have specified them as block. I added a width restriction to the div too so they would reflow on the the next line but that doesn't work either.

I really hope someone can help!!

The dev site is here

Hyperlink disappears in ie6, ie7 and ie8 with compatibility view

I'm working on a site and I've stumbled on a problem. Site: Premier Medical Spa.

On the main page I have a div on the right side (BUYER BEWARE section) with the overflow property set to auto. at the very bottom I'm trying to add a simple hyperlink. Shows fine in safari, chrome and firefox but in ie6,7 and 8(with compatibility view) the hyperlink seems to drop out and disappear from the div which contains it. Haven't seen this before, hope someone can suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance

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