How to make a chart view in html responsive

I am using asp:chart for chart view... I am binding the chart values from a datalist based on onCommand of the datalist... The design is basic HTML with CSS styling... I have already made all other parts of the page responsive... Only the chart view remains the same. If you want I cant post a piece of the code that is used for chart view... I tried downloading Chart.js plugin but I can't find a legitimate source...

<asp:updatepanel id="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" updatemode="Conditional" xmlns:asp="#unknown">

How do I make a menu bar with xml data source responsive


I have a menu bar with its source derived from an xml data source. I have successfully created the menu bar, but bow I want to make that menu bar responsive. I have tried many options but I can't get a correct solution. I hope for a answer here. The code is given as below.

Issue with the way images are beig displayed (don't see how to change the code)

Hey, can anyone help me change this templates "Our Work" section to load up only specific images when you click on each link: All Projects,Design,Photography,Video

Right now this section uses the same photo's for all the sub sections and just rearranges them.

What I need for example: "Image01.jpg" to only appear in "Design", but right now it will also appear in "All Projects" & vice versa.

This is the template:

Thanks Smile

A problem with CSS

Hi guys. I've been writing css and html now for a couple of months and I believe I have just run into my first big problem. I've encountered this issue before and ignored it, but I feel it's time to address it.

Css menu bar problem

Hello everyone

For a University project, we have to make a Homepage.
Since the classes was not deep in detail I'm really beginner in this stuff.

So I download a css menu from the page and make it like I want to have it. Everthing works fine with the index.html but strangly when I want visit for example "Aktuelles" and then click on "Institut" the drop down menu doesn't show up.

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