Best way to implement single hover effect on multiple elements

Our toolbar icons are icon+text with a background color.
See attachments.

Currently, I've implemented the whole thing (background+icon+text) as one image, so hover is easy: just swap in the hover image.

However, this means the text is fuzzy since it's been converted to image. I want to do proper implementation where the regular state is a colored block+icon+text. But I want the hover state to be the same as previous, that is, if you hover anywhere on the block, the block+icon+text all change color.

Looking for help with css for a button- hover/active/link/visited and aligning text in the button

I'm working on a wordpress website and am using a plugin to handle logging in/out on my home page. I have been working on the css for the button - but cannot get a few things to work. I'm trying to align the text in the button to the middle of the button and also have the button have the same look that it only appears to have when I hover (the brighter blue and white -- like the two lower buttons, which were created in a different plugin).

Here's my website address:

Navigation help for class

Hi, guys! I'm really new to the CSS world, and I have class website due on Monday. I realize it's short notice, but I'm pulling my hair out here.
Okay, so. I need to have a horizontal navigation bar with a transitional element. I've figured this out. What I can't figure out is how to make a vertical drop down menu from one ("Profiles") link/list item in the horizontal menu.

Click dropdown menu instead of hover using just CSS?

Hi all.

I currently have a hover dropdown menu but want it to be clickable. This is what I currently have;

So that the dropdown will only come when you click on the top button.

Want to keep it simple and just CSS, is this possible?

This guy created it but can't figure out how he did it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Navbar and Background HELP.

Hello there, I am almost completly new to CSS and want to get some problems solved as quick as possible.
I'm a graphicer, designing a webshop with graphics and so on, we are currently using a platform to host our webshop and it has some easy feauters such as: Upload file/image, Create new page with articles, upload price and much more. Well my point is that this platform gets most of the job done.
However I have created a navigation bar on this platform and now I want a clean hover and marked function for it.
The navbar is located in this section:

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