How to put an image behind navigation bar

Hi there,

I am trying to put an image behind the navigation bar. Just like this website:
So the idea is to create a full width body top and the lower part of the website needs to be blank just like the website above.

This is my website:

I tried to change something in style.css but I actualy do not know what to change or what to do...

Does anyone know the steps to be taken to make this work?
Thank you so much for helping.

I've got WordPress 3.5.1. and I am using the theme Twenty Twelve.

Extend/Freeze Header CSS

I am trying to extend my header to cover the full page (width) and I want it look like this one
I also want it freeze the heading. I have been trying everything for hours now. any help would be highly appreciated.


Wordpress banner alignment help

hi guyz
i want some help as i m designing the WordPress theme form my office i am facing problem as
the main page contain huge header that covers all the screen the problem i m facing is that i am unable to make the header align Center plz help
it will display differently on different screen resolutions
plz suggest me what to do
this is the url of my site:

and this is the original company url
i m converting this site to wordpress plz help me

Have a header and navigation bar in one header div ?

I'm a beginner, so my HTML structure might not be the best and my CSS is definitely isn't so a clear and simple answer is much appreciated.

I want to have a header div where I'll have a Luke and at the right a navigation bar. All in one div

Here's my HTML :

How do i add a header to my website?

im trying to edit a website template and add a header to it but i have no idea how Sad
I wanna put a picture instead of the text
Screen shot 2012-03-17 at 6.36.58 PM.png
please help!

thanks!! <3


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