Clearfix issue - a margin is added


i'm using Clearfix method to clear floated elements. And on one of the pages I realized that my layout got slightly broken. I've managed to reproduce the issue here:

Could you explain why when I apply clearfix class I see a margin between container and footer, whereas old clear:both does not cause this issue? Also, is it possible to use clearfix and get rid of this margin?


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Can anyone help me?

I am trying to make a web shop and I think I am having problem with one of the stylesheets.
If you enter the show, you will notice a Facebook widget on the bottom right of the page.
If the user is not logged onto their FB account, the widget shows perfectly.
If the user is logged onto their FB account, then the widget shows scrambled, with the 'like' are all wrong to the left of the widget.
I believe this is a matter of positioning and showing the right images when the user is logged but i have no idea how to fix this. Can anyone help me?

How can I achieve a horizontal menu like this?


How would I achieve a horizontal menu like the one shown here?

Could I achieve this using a unordered list? Floated DIVs?

Any help would be much appreciated Smile

Text caption with image

Hey guys

I want you to have a look in here: and France link

Question: How can I make descriptive text under the pictures / image?

I was searching , when I put it to table in HTML code it works however the animation does not work for the menu, it prioritize table frame and does not do the transform

when I do for p {float:bottom, text align center } it does not work either, I think i need to do something with DIV section

but i spent all day on this and Sad

thanks a lot for your help

Duster responsive theme , things become out of whack on smaller devices.

When looking at on a normal sized monitor it looks fairly well but when you view it on devices like the iPad or smaller it becomes vary ugly and not that good looking. The three widgets on the bottom instead of being displayed horizontally become stacked above one another vertically which is very unappealing. Id like for them to stay horizontal and still be nice and readable and visually appealing, but i haven't go a clue on how to do that.

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