Firefox + Masonry + Drupal Tarski


I've been banging my head — with a friend — on this for quite a while...


What: In Safari and Chrome, the "Masonry look" is perfect (did not try IE). But in Firefox, the images are displayed in a single column.

We just dont know where to look to make it work in Firefox. Help would be so much appreciated.


overflow auto scroll bar!

I'm trying to keep my wrapper div wrapped around all of the child elements. I am using overflow:auto on the wrapper which does the job but adds a scrollbar to it. How do I prevent the scrollbar?? If I don't use overflow:auto then the wrapper only reaches to the bottom of the aside and the central divs hang out the bottom.

html, body { height:100%; min-height:100%;}
header, footer, section, aside { box-sizing:border-box; border:1px solid #999; }
#wrapper { width:940px; height:100%; min-height:100%; position:relative; overflow:auto; margin:auto; background-color:#F00; }

Header not staying on the same place

I need to make a website for my webdesign-class and it is due tomorrow...
I just realized that there are a few problems...
I can ignore one of them, but i want to solve this:

on a few of my pages the Header is about 5-10 pixels left than it should be or than on the other sites.
I have read the code multiple times, searched for anything that might influence that, but i have found nothing that could have to do with it, especially because it doesn't seem to influence all of them... only about half of the pages have the header not where it should be...

Vertical alignment of menu?


I am trying to align the main menu in the header on so that the bottom of the menu aligns to the bottom of the logotype.

Using Firefox and Firebug I have identified the Float:right tag but I can't figure out how to move the menu down.

Please advice which code to put where to fix this.


tumblr theme: alternate positioning of content and sidebar


I'm using tumblr and develope my own themes. I'll now try to optimize my current theme, remove unnecessary stuff and so on.

My question: Is there an alternate way to position two containers next to each other?

I'm currently using a fixed width on my content/sidebar and float left or right to position these elements within a container. Therefor I need an extra container around them where I can apply the clearfix-class to clear my content/sidebar. I want to remove this useless container and now I'm looking for a method not to float the two containers.

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