Help with dropdown submenus

hello all!
im having trouble building the right menu i need, its a jquery lavalamp, with 3 level dropdown submenus,

ive found a lot of open source code out there but none really matched my needs, ive started modifying some of them but i always run into some problems.

im getting very close using the code found here

ive improved it if anyone is interested in using my version.

ive fixed the anoying queuing of dropdowns,

Dropdown menu possibilites

I'm including some images, because describing it may be futile.

Simply, I'm trying to create a menu with dropdowns that use background images that are called when hovered over. The background images would be extensions of the main menu image (color palette).

site-1.jpg or
site-2.jpg or

Dropdown Menu Hover Question

Ok so i got a dropdown menu in my wordpress template, my quiestion is:
How can i change the hover on dropdown parts of the menu (if it contains multiple links it drops down and i want that hover to be different (with a down faced arrow) if it doesnt contain more secondary links it shows the normal hover).

For example:(i cant give my link because i work localhost with xampp) Click here

Styling Dropdown Rollover

Created a vertical navigation bar based on Suckerfish Dropdowns. I modified the code somewhat but it still seems to work in every browser (but IE6 which I am just going to live with for now). I want one of the links in the menu to have a different styling than the rest but can't seem to make it work.
The page can be viewed at I have validated the code.
The last link on the right "Handyman Services" I want to have a blue border on roll over rather than a red one, and get rid of the small gray border to the right of it.

IE7 problem with drop-down menus

I'm having a problem with my web page in IE7 only. The drop-down menus are being overrun by the footer, which is jumping up over the intervening content.

I'm using Matthew James Taylor's liquid layout and a "Son of Suckerfish" dropdown menu created by a CSS menu generator utility from WonderWebWare (alas, no working forum there).

I'll try to quote just the relevant HTML:

<div id="header">
<div id="Header">
<div id="headerbackground"><a name="top" id="top"></a>
<div id="header-right" align="right"></div>

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