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hi friends,

please review this site and give me your suggestion and feedback



//moved --gary.turner/mod

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1. 89 html validation

1. 89 html validation errors. Ouch!

2. 20 css validation errors

3. I think you need more style sheets. thats a joke.

4. inline styles are tacky and should be avoided. why have a style sheet, if you use them inline?

5. your top nav should be a UL. It also breaks with window resize.

6. search csscreator for divitis!

7. whats up with all that commented code? Makes things look messy.

8. your footer should be a series of UL's.

The design is nice and clean. You really should think about researching what it means to write meaningful semantic html. It will make your life sooo much easier if you make this step. Like I said, the design is good, but the code part needs much attention.

First basic few steps in building a webpage
1. Gather and collect content.
2. Organize the content into meaningful semantic valid HTML
3. Design the prototype
4. Style using CSS