Cross posting and netiquette

Forums and lists that don't publicly enforce generally accepted rules of net etiquette tend to lose their more knowledgeable members. I, and I include myself in that class, have witnessed such collapses; they're not pretty. An example may be found at DigitalPoint's html/css forums. Except for a very few of us who can't resist the challenge of providing guidance, there are no authoritative voices left.

Webaim screen reader survey

Back in February, I wrote about WebAIM's initial screen reader user survey. Those good people have anounced a follow-up user survey. All users are invited to participate without regard to skill level or reasons for use (e.g. testing, curiosity, casual, or total need).

An update on enclosing floats

I got to thinking about inline-block and inline-table and whether their creating a new block formatting context meant that float descendents were enclosed. The obvious next step was to set up a test case or two. Lo and behold, it does.

I have updated my Enclosing float elements demo/tutorial to reflect these findings.



David Baron explains why xhtml2 died

David Baron recently blogged on his impression of why xhtml2 died. It's not a pretty thing.



Playing with CSS3

CSS3 offers some serious opportunities for mis-use with the transform and transition properties. Likewise, there are serious opportunities for really visually cool renderings.

As far as I can tell, only Firefox3.1+ (v3.5b) (Gecko 1.9.1b4) and Safari4b support the transforms, and only Safari4b supports transitions. Both browsers use proprietary prefixes for the draft properties; -moz- and -webkit-.

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