6 years old

The CSS Forum is now 6 years old. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the years.
Here's some rather humorous links to the site back then via the Wayback Machine.

Screen reader survey

The WebAIM folks surveyed screen reader users, and published their first look at the results.

I found some very surprising conclusions regarding images and frames. It seems that actual users have different ideas about them than the accessibility "experts".

Bear SQL version 1

The Bear has been released into the wild wide web. Bear SQL is an free, open source, web interface to MySQL. It aims to make administration and use of MySQL simple.

It's open source, you can be involved in this project and help to make it better even if you aren't a coder.
Provide feedback, suggestions, code improvements, feature requests, language packs, documentation, testing or help promote it add a link to it from your site.

One laptop per child

Education and computing changed my life, so what better way to help someone then by providing the means for them to help them self.
I am going to donate to the One Laptop program an thought I would offer this opportunity for others to donate.

Here's a video about the program http://www.dailymotion.com/olpcfoundation.

The software on the one laptop program is Open source, so in less then 10 years we will have wave of great open source developers.

Best Reply Award

The best reply functionality has been in place just over three weeks and since it is a new month I thought I give the top posters a little credit. I very please to announce that wolfcry911, a member for over 4 years is the first to receive the best reply award. Well done wolfcry911. Each of his posts were marked by different authors, and were surprisingly short and to the point.
Wolfcry send me your postal address details and a book that you would like and I will drop a note to Santa.

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